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Forums of the Max Schmidheiny Foundation

With the forums on “Entrepreneurial Perspectives on Switzerland“ in the summer of 2006, “The Future of the ’Milizsystem’“ in March 2007, "Consensus Democracy and Opposition - Perspectives on Economic Policy Making" in June 2008, "Fundamental Values of Switzerland" in April 2010, “Switzerland’s Economic and Geopolitical Future – Values, Goals, Strategy“ in October 2012, "A Global Niche Strategy for Switzerland in the 21st Century" in February 2014, "Societal Innovation - Beyond the Obvious" in May 2015, "The Future of Freedom" in May 2016, and "Fit for the new world (dis)order?" in May 2017, the Max Schmidheiny Foundation has launched an initiative that will invigorate the creative discussion on selected topics amongst the younger generation of entrepreneurs, politicians and representatives from civil society. The initiative is based on the belief that a free economic and social order can endure only if characterised by deep mutual appreciation and progressive cooperation between business, politics and society, and an open discussion on the fundamental issues of our time.
In future, the Max Schmidheiny Foundation plans to organise a forum every year.