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Focus "Enterpreunership and Risk"

The Max Schmidheiny Foundation places a special emphasis on “Entrepreneurship and Risk”. Various projects serve to examine the trends and perspectives with regard to entrepreneurial risk management. The foundation is thus reacting to the comprehensive political, economic, technological and social changes that have determined entrepreneurial activity over the last two decades, and is looking into the impact of such turbulence on a sustainable free economic and social order.

With its two forums, “Entrepreneurial Perspectives on Switzerland” in 2006 and “The Future of the ’Milizsystem’” in March 2007, the Max Schmidheiny Foundation has launched an initiative that will invigorate the creative discussion on selected topics amongst the younger generation of entrepreneurs, politicians and representatives from civil society. The initiative is based on the belief that a free economic and social order can endure only when characterised by deep mutual appreciation and progressive cooperation between business, politics and society, and an open discussion on the fundamental issues of our time.

The Max Schmidheiny Foundation has endowed the University of St. Gallen with a Professorship for Entrepreneurship and Risk. Within the context of entrepreneurship and risk, and from the perspective of law and economics, the foundation wishes to lend its support to research, education and the transfer of knowledge with professional practice, and thus foster insights into a dimension of the entrepreneurial context that is increasingly important for the sustainability of a liberal order. The Max Schmidheiny Foundation Professorship also symbolises the long-term association between the Max Schmidheiny Foundation, the benefactor’s family, and the University of St Gallen.

In the future, the Max Schmidheiny Foundation will continue to maintain its traditional partnership with the St. Gallen Symposium – the venue for the presentation of the annual Max Schmidheiny Freedom Prize between 1979 and 2003 – and play an active part in this platform for open, international dialogue on the fundamental issues concerning management, the entrepreneurial environment, and the interface between business, politics and society.