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The Awardees A-Z



Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations (2003)


Gerd Bacher, Director of the Austrian Radio and Television ORF (1986)
Rosemarie und Emanuel Berger, Grand Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau, Interlaken (1997)
Prof Jagdish Bhagwati, Arthur Lehman Professor of Economics and Political Science, Columbia University, New York (1998)
Bill Bradley, U.S. Senator, Denville (1989)
Brigit Breuel, Chief Executive Officer, Treuhandanstalt, Berlin (1994)
Sir Leon Brittan QC, Vice-President of the Commission of the European Union, Brussels (1998)


Dr. Anibal Cavaco Silva, Prima Minister of Portugal, Lisbon (1995)
Raymond and Jean-Daniel Cornaz, Chairman and Managing Director of Vetropack, Bülach (1985)


Sir Roger Douglas, former Minister of Finance, Aukland (1996)
Dr. Dres h.c. Arthur Dunkel, Director General of GATT, Geneva (1989)


The Economist, London; Bill Emmott (1999)


José Maria Figueres Olsen, President of Costa Rica, San José (1998)


Nicolas Hayek, enterpreneur, Zurich (1993)
Prof. Dr. Jeanne Hersch, philosopher and author, Geneva (1980)


The International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva (1991)


Dr. P.R. Jolles, former State Secretary for Foreign Trade, Berne (1984)


Lane Kirkland, President of the American Federation of Labor Unions AFL-CIO, Washington D.C. (1987)
Stefan Kisielewski, author, composer and publicist, Warsaw (1983)
Dr. Vàclav Klaus, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Czechoslovakia, Prague 1992
Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, President of Lego, Billund (1996)


Prof. Hans Letsch, Business executive and economist, Aarau (1987)
Dr. Dres h.c. Fritz Leutwiler, former President of the Swiss National Bank and the Bank for International Settlements, Zurich and Basel (1984)
The Liberal Institute, Zurich (1991)
Prof. Hermann Lübbe, Philosoph und Esaayist, Zurich (1993)
Prof. R. Lubbers, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (2002)
Dr. Fred Luchsinger, former Editor of the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" (1985)


The Association "Médecins sans frontières", Paris and Geneva (1986)
Lennart Meri, President of the Republic of Estonia (2001)
Prof. Dr. h.c. Hans L. Merkle, industrialist, Chairman R. Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart (1983)
Indro Montanelli, Editor of "Il Giornale Nuovo", Milan (1981)
Robert Moss, Journalist, London (1979)
N.R. Narayana Murthy, Chairman and CEO, Infosys Technologies (2001)


Jorma Olilla, Chairman & CEO, Nokia (2000)


Prof. Dr. Romano Prodi, President, European Commission (2000)


Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Munich (1990)
Dr. Beat Richner, pediatrician and humanitarian Pnom Penh (1993)
Prof. Henri Rieben, Chairman, Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe (1990)
Andreas Rihs und Beda Diethelm, Phonak AG, Stäfa (1997)
Mary Robinson, President of Ireland, Dublin (1994)
The Rev. Karl Rohrbach, initiator of developement projects in Togo, Widnau and Avedje (1981)


Dr. Carlos Salinas de Gortari, President of Mexico, Mexico City (1992)
The International and Swiss Girls and Boys Scout's Movements (1982)
Prof. Dr. Hugo Sieber, economist, Berne (1979)
Hernando de Soto, Director, Institute of Liberty&Democracy, Lima (1995)
Edmond de Stoutz, founder and conductor of the Zurich Chamber Orchestra (1991)
Dr. Hannah Suchocka, Member of Parliament, former Prime Minister, Warsaw (1994)
Moritz Suter, Crossair, Basel (1997)


Dr. h.c. Gaston Thorn, President of the Commission of the European Communities, Luxembourg (1980)
Transparency International, Berlin (Dr. Peter Eigen) (1999)


Dr. Mario Vargas Llosa, author, Lima und London (1988)


The Foundation "Young Swiss Researchers", Winterthur (1988)
Dr. Muhammad Yunus, President, Grameen Bank, Dhaka (1995)